Large shawl ( 60cm x 248cm) with two base colours set off by a bright stripe through the middle and along edges. In 4 tantalising colour combinations: Pink, Rose, Orange or Blue.


Bright and vibrant, the Orange shawl is edged in black. On the reverse side a ‘lace effect’ silk and mohair base picked out in bright sticks of colour.


…Sumptuous colour combinations in 4 different sizes, the Matchstick scarves with their two colour blend and contrasting ‘sticks’ are easy to wear, soft to touch and always make an impact!



Lightly felted Merino wool and silk with a natural drape and semi transparency of its silk base. Wear it belted with the matching sash or open and flowing to reveal the interior colour with the sash as a scarf.

Bolero Jacket

Sophisticated, contemporary and easy to wear. Cut to sit on or just above the waist, the Bolero Jacket is very lightly felted

Lazer cut scarves

Merino shawls

chiffon shawls

Multi -dots scarves

A scarf for every occasion… from the signature Multi Dot and Matchstick Silk collections to the irresistible and timeless Toupian stripe made from silky soft cotton infused with colour……

Prijikorski silk square 1

Prijikorski silk square 2

Prijikorski silk square3

Prijikorski silk square 4

Prijikorski Shawl Collection

Prijikorski Fine Wool Shawl

Prijikorski Green Felted Shawl

Jackson Shawl Collection

Pink Jackson Shawl

Orange Jackson Shawl

Purple Jackson Shawl

Prijikorski Throw

Prijikorski Olive Throw